The Board of Directors reviewed the Association’s by-laws and is proposing a few updates and changes and they are ready for the membership’s review. Following a review period, we will have an official membership vote conducted by mail. 

Most of the changes “clean-up” old language to make them consistent with current laws and modern practices (such as video meetings). The following is a quick summary of some of the changes that go beyond simple clean-up language.

First, we are proposing to relieve non-sworn survivors of the need to pay annual Association dues. Most survivors would simply love to receive our newsletter and regular association updates. The board feels it is appropriate to help those survivors stay connected to the Association without the additional financial burden. 

Over the last several years, the Association has faced a consistent challenge in attracting members to serve on the Board of Directors as well as retaining board members. To do the job of running and leading this organization appropriately and effectively, it requires a significant amount of personal time from the Board, especially the five officer positions, as well as the director seats. This has come at a financial and personal cost to many current and former boardmembers.

In order to attract and retain boardmembers, we are proposing a monthly stipend of $200 for the five executive board members and $100 for board directors. This equates to a monthly cost of $1,500. In order to receive a stipend, board meeting attendance is a requirement. This is my last year as President. I am hopeful these stipends will help take away the obstacles to new leaders taking on responsibilities in our association.