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The Association of Retired San Jose Police Officers and Firefighters is dedicated to protecting the benefits of San Jose’s retired police officers and firefighters. Formed in 1975, the Association was created to address the lack of inclusion by the City of San Jose of retirees on issues that impact our lives, such as medical benefits, pension protection, and evolving family issues. The Association has a rich history of political, civic, and charitable activities in San Jose. We also exist to connect former colleagues and our families socially so we can fight the fires and catch the crooks again.

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There is strength in numbers, and you should be spending your time enjoying your retirement, not protecting it. The Association fights on behalf of our members, who have no collective bargaining power anymore, to protect the retirement and health care benefits we earned and paid for. Your membership helps us fight those battles on your behalf so you can enjoy the retirement you spent a career to earn.

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From political battles to medical advice to the latest legal decisions that impact you, we keep you up to speed on all the issues you’re too busy to track.